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Brendan Meyer is a musician and actor that brings soul to everything he does. A Georgia native living and performing in Chicago, Brendan combines acoustic guitar, soulful voice, sultry lyrics and southern twang to create a unique sound that combine Jazz, Pop, R&B, and southern folk. He had been writing his own songs since he was in grade school and has hundreds of songs under his belt .  As an actor, he transforms text with grit and energy to create real, sweating, breathing, human beings. With a voice well beyond his years , Brendan Meyer is a talent that has a fresh sound and a sincere love for his craft.

A powerhouse vocalist, from Athens Georgia with a raw energy that is real, gritty, and undeniable. Erica has been singing for most of her life. A little bit country and a little bit Rock and Roll, She is a firm believer in bringing it all to the table, and just lives for the music experience in people's lives. A free spirit that needs plenty of space to roam, and a voice that will get any listener where the lyric takes her. 


In the summer of  2016, the band Sojoürn was formed with Robert Norris on vocals, Alex Edrington on guitar and Justin Stoks on drums. The band is based out of Athens Georgia, where Stoks and Edrington were students at UGA. While searching for a vocalist, they were introduced to Robert Norris by Michael Cummings, who would end up producing the band’s 1st album “Nowhere or Now Here?” 

During the first few months, Norris and Edrington would play open mic nights at bars around Athens. While they enjoyed performing covers by bands such as Nirvana, Audioslave, The Beatles, and Collective Soul, they had a strong desire to play the songs they had written.  They finally got the opportunity when they recorded “Nowhere or Now Here?” Since the release, Sojoürn has added Alex’s brother Brock on bass and found a new drummer/vocalist in Morgan Decker.  Sojoürn has played in venues around Athens and are expecting to record another album in the future…


Kendall Shapiro is a singer, songwriter, from Alpharetta Georgia with  a husky voice well beyond her years. With a voice as mature as a thirty year old, you would never guess, upon listening to her, that she is still a teenager. Kendall has been singing and playing piano since she was a little girl, and at age 14, started the guitar and writing songs. Since finishing her first EP, she is attending Auburn university and preparing to do shows. Kendall's first release is due to hit iTunes soon !

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LILYAN, is a 20 year old singer/songwriter from Atlanta, GA. At 18, LILYAN. hit the ground running with her first single, "HAUNTED", in January, and her second single "IHATEU", soon after. She is steady working on new music and has a rare, raw energy in her music.

She is a skilled vocalist with a rare ability to finesse a melody that very few her age can do. Her songs, which she writes her self, at first listen scratch the surface of heartbreak, but the deep-rooted meanings range from self-sabotage to deep heartache. Being a skilled pianist, she writes most of her songs on the piano, but also plays the guitar and sometimes writes on both. With many star qualities, Lilyan, has the goods to deliver a real vocal performance in the studio and live. Keep an eye out for this talent!!

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